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Regarding suits
Where can I buy a WAKUU Suit??

Currently, we are only offering our suits online via If you want to sell WAKUU Suits in your store please contact for collaborations.

Is every suit really unique??

The Kitenge producers deliver a new collection roughly every 2/3 weeks in Nairobi. The Kitenge shop-owners don’t know what they will receive either and back-ordering is not yet possible.

Only one print is selected per collection, every collection consists of new unique designs. Since no other company is currently making suits out of new-collection Kitenge, every suit is unique. Every 3 weeks a new collection arrives in Nairobi, we will make a suitable selection available for WAKUU Suits, roughly every 3 weeks.

Standard Sizes vs. Custom-Made??

WAKUU gives you the opportunity to select Standard or Custom-Made sizing. If you generally have proper fit on standard sizes we advise you to order so. If you feel you’re in between sizes or are in doubt, we advise to opt for a custom-made suit.

How does the Custom-Made Feature work??

Based on a database of more than 100.000 measurements , an engine will produce your suit measurements based on your height, age and weight. This, including the details about your body proportions will lead to an awesome, slim-fitted WAKUU Suit. If you have additions comments you can leave them in the order process!

What if my suit doesn’t fit??

WAKUU has worked hard to perfect the suit-making process with our tailors in Kibera. Notwithstanding a suit might not fulfil your expectations. If a suit doesn’t fit there are two options:

  • WAKUU can recommend a tailor to you for a refitting. All suits are made with extra material in the lining so that a local tailor can easily refit your suit to your standards.
  • If the suit is not eligible for a re-fitting, we will ask you to return the suit to this address: Anthonis Corneliszstraat 47-3, 1071 VR, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We will refund you in line with our Terms & Conditions

If a suit is doesn’t live up to your standards contact us at: Include pictures of you wearing the suit and your comments. We will figure out a solution!

Regarding shipping
What is the delivery time? ?

Since every WAKUU Suit is hand-made specifically for you in the Kibera Quarter in Nairobi, Kenya our delivery time from the moment of payment varies between 3 to 4 weeks. If our shipment is delayed we will contact you immediately. If you have a deadline please order sufficiently in advance & send an e-mail to Thank we can contact you when about the deadline.

What happens when I’m not home during delivery??

We delegate delivery to the most convenient postal service of which we will notify you. Please contact them to retrieve your package. We advise you to give us your work-address for deliver (if applicable), so that you are guaranteed you or a colleague can receive the package.

My suit arrived slightly folded, what can I do??

Currently it is too expensive to ship our suits in big boxes. Our suits may therefor arrive slightly folded. Please hang your suit from a non-coloured hanger in your shower and run the hot-water with the door closed. This will remove the folds.

Regarding payment
Which paying methods do you accept on

You can pay your orders with Paypal, Creditcard & IDeal. We are developing an M-Pesa gateway, stay tuned!

When will my card be debited??

The total of your card will be debited when your place your order and your order is confirmed.

How can I be sure that your website is secured for online payments??

Our recognized partner MOLLIE provides the payment system. Check their website for more details.

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