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Our Story

The textile industry is the second largest employer in developing countries, but most artisans are trapped in domestic markets with no links to international trade.

WAKUU aims to connect local artisans with international fashion markets while using genuine African prints and designs from Vlisco, Woodin and GTP.

Wakuu is part of the steady flow of socially conscious fashion brands trying to challenge the traditional Fashion norm of “cheaper is better” by sourcing from artisans originating from marginalised communities to produce their fashion lines.

We hope to grow this company into an international brand that exports African fashion around the globe through strong partnerships with our local partners.

About us

WAKUU manufactures and sells western styled apparel, such as suits, in colourful African fabrics. Aiming on the expanding middle class and the local expat market in Kenya and the increasing demand for African prints in Europe.

We are focused on growing and supporting entrepreneurs, designers and tailors in the local Kenyan fashion market. We cooperate with very talented tailors, Gjey Mavazi, the Kiboko Garment Factory and eight single-mothers from an employment project in Kibera, an exceptionally large slum in Nairobi. All our suits are handmade, the African prints are sourced from Vlisco, GTP or Woodin.

We have managed to sell significant numbers of suits and apparel in Europe and to the Kenyan expat society. The reputation, capacity and income of our Kenyan partners have increased significantly through WAKUU, while maintaining an international quality and vibrant recognizable brand.